Friday, March 20, 2009


 Shell-Switching Faux-Ladybug Beetle


(Images via: RichardSeamanBugGuide and ScienceNewsforKids)

You may have already seen a Golden Tortoise Beetle but not have realized it, since these remarkable creatures can change from a shiny gold color to a dull red with ladybug-like spots. They achieve this change by altering the reflectivity of their outer shell - essentially like tinting a window - via microscopic valves that alter the moisture level under the shell. While it is not known for sure, there must certainly be advantages to appearing as part of another commonly-found species.

Arctic Foxes and Other Seasonal Color Shifters


From foxes and caribou to weasels, birds and bunnies, a number of species shift the colors of their coats come wintertime to blend in with the surrounding environment - a few are predators but most are prey. The degree of their transformation depends heavily on their habitats and the particular species with some shifting only slightly between shades and others going from fully brown to entirely white. Click here for more on seasonal color-changing arctic animals.

Insect-Stalking Duo-Tone Spider


(Images via WikipediaFloridaNaturePhotography and Picasaweb)

The Goldenrod Crab Spider only has two colors it can change into - white and yellow - but fortunately for it, this species hunts mainly on flowers of those colors: daisies and sunflowers most notably. Triggered by their visual input, the spiders secrete a pigment to switch between white and yellow over a period of days - thus adapting to the plants in their area. This color change both helps them sneak up on flower-sitting prey and to avoid aerial predators such as birds.

Wackiest & Coolest USB Gadgets

Hamster Wheel

(image via iwantoneofthose)

Cute and entertaining, this hamster wheel spins when you plug it into your USB port! Sometime you may feel like you’re running on a hamster wheel, going nowhere fast working at your desk. This USB toy is a great way to make a sarcastic remark on the feeling of being in the rat (or hamster) race. Or maybe you don’t feel that way at all, maybe you just cant bring your  pets to work. Let this little guy keep you company as you run through the maze of corporate life!


(image via firebox)

Quite possibly the most useful item on the list, these batteries can be charged via USB and used in any standard AA battery-powered device. The ultimate gadget for the always-on-the-go, these can be charged at public computers, lap tops, even X-BOX 360s. Slick and convenient, these batteries will be your best friend when your camera runs out of juice and you just happen to have your laptop available to juice them back up! Never buy batteries again, carry these USB batteries and stay charged!

USB Lock

(image via ashframe)

Ultimate security for your USB drive! Software security can be cracked, but this drive is physically blocked from being used unless you possess the key! You may be thinking “well, what if someone tried to break the lock?” Not so fast! Doing so would necessarily destroy the drive and its contents! Feel like a secrete agent carrying top secrete files by making this USB lock your choice for your storage needs.

Teddy Bear


(image via engadget)

This sick and twisted USB drive appeals to the teddy bear sadist in us all. Guaranteed to scare kids and repulse sensitive adults, this portable drive gives the illusion that the bear has its head jammed into the computer’s USB port. Humor and mass storage combined make an excellent combination!


masterwordsmith said...

Buenos dias!

I love this post!!!! Thanks so much. On Wednesday, my boy and I spent 3 hours at a pet shop looking at all kinds of animals, insects and fish and my boy kept asking me so many questions abt the beetle which I could not answer..:-)

We rear hamsters and are down to one left :( and I have one hamster wheel like the one in your pic!

And I would not mind the teddy bear USB drive :-).

Thanks so much for being a very warm, caring and sensitive friend. I am deeply touched by your kindness and ability to write. Can I publish your poem in my blog one day? If you say no, I understand. You are very good...please please publish more of your poems. Have you any publications of your own?

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Como esta , Paula ?

You are most welcomed and don't forget that what will not break you, will make you stronger ! :-)

Yes, you may publish it in your blog. I have written quite a collection actually and have been meaning to publish them - haven't got round to it yet.When I do, I will send you the first copy,lol